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Linkerary is the easy, low-stress, high-impact way to build & maintain the professional network you've always dreamed about—in just 30 minutes per week!

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How Linkerary works

We focus on the details, so you can focus on the connections.

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Set Up Your Account

We'll ask you a few quick questions about your interests, goals, and location.

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Get Matched Weekly

Every week, we'll identify a user on our platform that we think you'd benefit from meeting because of shared goals, interests, or experiences. Once you've been a user for a while, we'll also sometimes resurface old to help you stay in touch.

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Meet Up!

We'll handle coordinating a time & place (either in-person or virtual) that works for both you and your weekly match, and send out a calendar invite with all the details for your 30 minute chat.

Our awesome features
Grow Your Network

After your chat, just let us know how it went so we can tailor future matches to you more effectively. If you enjoyed getting to meet a user, we'll add their info to your network and help you maintain your new connection!

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